Dear Society....

You caught me at a bad time this morning. Normally I don’t engage in conversations concerning my daughter, but when you suggest that the financial burden of my daughter to the health care industry is unbearable, I get a little upset. In fact, you go as far to say that it was my moral obligation to eliminate my daughter’s life prenatally, and since I did not, I should face financial consequences by the government. So, society let me educate you on a few things I have learned over the past six years from raising a Down syndrome girl in your world.

First and foremost, my wife and I have never received a dime from the government because our daughter has Down syndrome. In fact, we have often paid for numerous things out of our own pocket because the government did not see the need for those services or medical procedures. Early on our daughter was labeled as high functioning, so instead of supporting her with valuable services, we were told she was doing “too well” for additional services. So, instead of robbing our daughter of necessary support, we dug deep into our own savings and got her private services. At the same time, we tried taking her to numerous clubs and schools to be told, “Yes, she is doing great, but since she has Down syndrome, she cannot be here.” Maybe I should have been more like you society, and sued everyone that said, “Not welcome here”, for discriminating against my daughter.

It is disheartening to think that leaders of any country would state people that act, look, or behave differently are too much of a financial burden to deserve life. I don’t protest when my tax dollars go toward numerous things that I disagree with because I know people in society need support. I don’t argue that we should eliminate groups of people because of government costs, but that is you new stance on future generations of Down syndrome children. Why stop at Down syndrome? Why not eliminate any fetus that will “live a life not worthy of living”? Why not carry it on to children and adults? Let’s have a financial cost threshold mandate for everyone, and when that is crossed, it signals their life is unworthy to continue.

So, society let me put you at ease about the future of my daughter. My wife and I both have life insurance policies that should cover expenses if one of us should perish. My brother and his wife, which are both financially secure, have agreed to care for our daughter in case something happens to us. We have also delayed having additional children to make sure we can provide for our daughter. I believe my wife and I are doing everything we can to help our daughter not be a burden to society. So, why don’t you move on to some other things that are probably draining government funds? I am sure that a quick search would reveal some other families, people groups, and illnesses that are a substantial drain to your health care system. I could take the time to list numerous things here, but let’s be honest, Down syndrome health care cost is not really the foundation of your argument. The real issue is Down syndrome people and how you see them as undesirable people in society. If we can eliminate people with Down syndrome, then we don’t have to see, talk, or interact with them in society. You know, there was once another society that viewed certain people as undesirable, and this was their slogan - "Lebensunwertes Leben," or "Life Unworthy of Life." But this was different right, because modern society is only focused on eliminating unborn children with Down syndrome and who cares about them?