When will the hard times come?

“Enjoy prosperity while you can, but when hard times strike, realize that both come from God. Remember that nothing is certain in this life. I have seen everything in this meaningless life, including the death of good young people and the long life of wicked people. 

            I have the belief that when things are going great, something tragic is around the corner. I don’t know why my mind is wired this way. But, I have realized that this thought process has robbed me of some glorious times in my life because I was worried about the future. I find myself in this place now. Next year Jana will be teaching at ICS and Marley will be attending ICS as a student. Our main prayer for the past seven years has been answered and I can’t even enjoy the moment because I am wondering what negative thing is going to happen next. Why do we often carry the belief that for every good thing that happens in our lives something bad will counter it? We know as believers that God does not adhere to a karma approach, but we often can’t escape the thought of everything is going too well right now. As the writer of Ecclesiastes explains above, the future will bring both prosperity and hard times in our lives, but all of it comes from God.

           And that is really the stumbling block for us as believers. When we have prosperity, it is God’s plan. When we have hard times, it is God’s plan. Every single day we live, God has a plan for us. In college, I would adamantly argue with my professors that I had an enormous amount of free will in my life and I was in control. As I age, I am realizing that I have less control of my life, and that’s ok. I often refer to my father’s death as an example, because I think it is an extremely difficult event that altered my life course. I know if my father had not died when I was young, I would not be doing what I am doing today. Am I happy that my father died when I was nineteen? Of course not, but I have realized God used his death to change me. As Christians, our difficult times have a purpose, and that makes them powerful, but not easy. Often, we do not want to embrace God’s plan during heartache, which is understandable, but be encouraged that when hard times strike, God has a plan. My father might not have seen who I have become, but God used his life and death to lead me to Christianity. And isn’t that what we want for our children, regardless of the sacrifices?

UPDATES -We will be sharing at Poplar Springs Church in King NC on July 1st. 

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